I decided to build my own sub box & make it something unique.

Started off with a CAD model:

Then started making some modifications to the design:

Colored the logos onto a piece of plexiglass:

Etched the logos with a dremel:

Deepened the etching so that it was approx 2/3 of the way through the plexi (3/4" thick plexi):

Started putting the box together:

Covered the shelf and then put the amp in:

Cut out the logo panel & drilled holes in the sides it for the LEDs, and then put 'em in and wired 'em up (only 3 in this pic, along the right side. Has 12 now, three along each side).

Put the panel on:

Started covering it and installed the sub:

And finished wiring it up and put it in the truck:

Wires run behind the rear panel over to the passenger side, under the passenger side door sill/carpeting to the kick panel, then run over to the radio/HVAC contrls. Speaker wires are connected at the radio harness, as is ground, power runs through the firewall to the battery, and the remote wire runs to the brown wire on the HVAC harness, which is hot on run. Had to run that down there because the only wire on the radio harness with enough power to run the amp is an orange wire which is always hot.