Welcome to my site :) I've redesigned it once again, due to yet another idea of something to do with my website. Hopefully on this site you will eventaully be able to find all kinds of information, but the things I'm most intersted in now are (not in any particular order):
Pontiac Fiero Chevy Colorado
See my Fiero, what I want to modify on it, and information about the Pontiac Fiero. See my Colorado, what I've done, and what I plan on doing
Arctic Cat 440Z Computers
See my '97 440Z and some pictures from snowmobiling trips. See my computer and what modifcations I've made.
Who is Naskie18? My favorite links
All about me...its like an autobiography, except that it is gramatically incorrect. My favorite links for finding information on stuff I like, bragging about the stuff I've done.